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Squires Stone Masonry Byron Bay
Natural Lane Project!




   The Natural Lane Project was major feature in this development and was created using 250mm to 350mm random sandstone (blast stone) supplied by Newmans Quarry on the north coast of NSW. A Rod Sironen Constructions, designed by Domonic Finlay Jones, the project is located south of Byron Bay (broken head).

A concrete above ground pool was constructed by builders, from this structure a 400mm footing was poured with concrete.This gave us a wall thickness of 400mm, plenty of room with our stone size.

After receiving a brief from the architect, which specified tight joints and flat faces, we got to work. With stone being tipped on site we started to sort through pile to see what we had to work with. Stone selection is so important before the first stone is even laid as it really sets the tone for the rest of the project. 


Each and every stone on this project was hand shaped and faced before using a sand cement mortar backing, with the use of masonry fixings and stainless steel ties this backing was tied into the concrete pool structure for added strength.


We set out our first of five external corners and we then worked out from there, create another external and fill in the gap and so on and so on. Before we knew it we were up off the ground and this wall really started taking shape. This project came with its challenges such as stepping the wall back to a 200mm thickness creating an internal corner,also returning that same wall with a 200mm external return……


With all challenges overcame we were now setting capping stones.

After the best part of two months this project was completed with all those involved extremely pleased with the end result.

As for the two men who built this feature wall, we were over joyed by the end result.

2nd of June 2017

Suires Stone masonry byron bay
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